Intimate Narratives

Four interconnected Riso-printed publications addressing the     
fine line between political commentary and personal narrative.

Published by Hverdag Books
Edition of 50 (each)



From an island

Images taken while artist in residence at Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær. In the midst of brilliant, unflinching nature, the human hand is everywhere.

28 pages, 4-color Riso
16 x 23cm, staple bound



Political Personal

Circa 3 hours a day, from the 12th to 18th of May, I devoured the news in search of human moments adrift in the chaos of relentless global tragedy. English / norsk.

60 pages, 1-color Riso on peach paper
16 x 23cm, staple bound



The past is a finite place

Collected texts 2009-2017 featuring an interview never before translated to English, excerpts from various long out-of-print publications, rare exhibition texts, and a very casual recipe for kombucha.

52 pages, 5-color Riso
16 x 23cm, pamphlet bound (sewn)



From a park in Nanjing

Images taken in August of 2017 at Xuanwu Lake Park, a former imperial lake garden composed of five naturally occurring islands connected by bridges. During imperial times, the lake was also known as "Military Rehearsal Lake", as many military demonstrations and battles were fought there over the years.

The park opened to the public in 1911 and received its current name in 1935, just two years prior to the horrific Nanking Massacre – a highly contested incident that is still a sore spot between China and Japan to this day.

28 pages, 4-color Riso
16 x 23cm, staple bound