Notes on self-publishing

In January 2011 I bought a domain, wrote a mission statement, and decided to launch a small press. For four years NSEW (North, South, East, West) was a tiny publisher that produced postcards, artist books, and other unique items out of Brookyln and later on, Oslo.

Our mission is to pair great ideas + imagery with available and easily obtained materials to make objects that are quality and affordable. We publish in small editions and take pride in attention to detail and special touches.

From the beginning I always referred to NSEW as "we" even though it was just me. But soon enough I needed a printer (see above) and Espen Friberg joined in. Later on Mylinh Trieu Nguyen, Camilla Skibrek, and Rolf Holmberg were also involved.

At the same time I started NSEW, I embarked on a year long Zine Subscription. Each month I produced a new experimental publication (both in form and content) for a total of 12 zines and 365 total copies by the end of 2011. In the beginning I offered 10 special subscriptions for $100 each = $1000 to start the press.

That fall I moved to Oslo, started an MFA program, and volunteered to help with a student-organized publishing course. However, it wasn't before long that I found myself planning things alone. But instead of abandoning the initiative and interested students, I did a lot of research and facilitated the school's acquisition of two Risographs, a perfect binding machine, and a paper creaser.

Not soon after, I decided to take a year off and was given a contract to teach a new once-a-week experimental yet practical workshop: the Self-Publishing Workshop.




Pictures from the Self-Publishing Workshop (top) and other workshops I was invited to lead as NSEW in Oslo (middle, with Camilla) and Bergen (bottom, with Espen).



For awhile the Riso MZ790 I sourced made a lot of appearances in NSEW publications.




With NSEW, I frequently traveled to attend book fairs and exhibitions: notably to Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Tokyo, Antwerp, NYC, and Milan.

At the 2012 art book fair in Copenhagen, I was invited to curate a vitrine. With a nod to the original use of Risographs as printers for churches and political parties, I did a focus on personal and political publications.

In 2016 I started a new publishing project: Hverdag Books.
Without my own machine, I currently operate as a Riso-nomad.



Between 2016 and 2017, I have printed in Oslo (The Ventriloquist Press + KHiO), Tromsø (MONDO Books), Nijmegen (Knust), Philadelphia (High Tide), Shanghai (Pausebread Press) and Bergen (Pamflett Selvpubliseringsverksted).

I have also given short talks and lectures around self-publishing.
Here I was in 2012 (Lithuania) and 2016 (Bergen).

Together with MONDO Books: a practial Risograph workshop based around a collaborative publication. Tromsø, 2016.



From the making of Å finne stemmen, on artist residency at Pamflett in Bergen, 2017

Takk for meg!