Norsk Risoforening

Established in 2018, Norsk Risoforening (Norwegian Risograph Association) is a nationwide interest organization for anyone who works with Risography in Norway. Risoforening's co-founders and current board members are: Ann-Kristin Stølan, Benjamin Hickethier, and myself.

We organize exhibitions, talks, workshops, and represent Norwegians working with the medium of Risography abroad through the attendance of art book fairs.

For us, Riso represents collaboration across disciplines and blurring the boundaries between art and design. As such, the social aspect and the building of a community is just as important for us as production and the technical side of Risography.

We also publish a free newsletter twice a year.


For a overview over our activities, more information on Riso as a medium, and contact information for printing in Norway, check our website.

We are most active on Instagram. :p