open workshop

07.10.2023 – 21.10.2023

Documentation images: Jessica Williams



In October, the gallery space at House of Foundation hosted a series of free workshops involving the risograph and other self-publishing tools from the workshop of Jessica Williams. For the opening and closing of the period, there were presentations and workshops with two invited guests. During the two week period, Jessica Williams produced the final publication of (be)longing, which collected annotated transcripts of all the public talks, images from the previous exhibitions, commissioned texts, and more.

It was also possible for the public to book time to meet with Williams and test out the machine and/or assist in production. Each week day, there was 90 minutes set aside for one person to come in and test the risograph completely free of charge. All visitors were welcome to have a chat or to observe production.

Opening: Saturday, October 7

Zarina Saidova (b. 1992) is an illustrator, comics artist and publishes both her own work and that of others as Træsh forlag. She has recently taken her masters in design and illustration at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Zarina originally came from Kazakhstan when she was 13 years old, and is being expelled from the country because her mother presented a different identity when they came to Norway in 2005. She presented her masters project as well as her illustration work and what it is like to run a comics publishing house.

Closing: Saturday, October 21

Elisa Halvorsen Castillo (b. 1990) is a Chilean artist with Norwegian ancestry. She is based in Oslo after recently completing a masters in the art and craft program at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Working with analog experimental techniques and self published artists’ books, Elisa explores the concept of memory and its plasticity, a subject that interests her since she experienced short-term memory loss due to a period of illness in her mid 20s. At House of Foundation, she presented her newest book which combines letterpress and risography.

These workshops were made possible thanks to the financial support of Viken Fylkeskommune and Arts and Culture Norway: Project Support and the Pilot for the distribution and display of artists' books.