04.11.2023 – 10.12.2023

Preliminary documentation: Jessica Williams



For the sixth and final iteration of (be)longing, the artist and publisher Jessica Williams presents a final solo show bearing the traces of a rich tapestry of collaborations throughout the year. In the reading room, a new selection of independently published titles has been selected by Gloria Glitzer (DE) from the offerings at MISS READ in Berlin.

In the first room of the gallery space—which has alternately served as a reading room, workshop room, and a space for intimate conversations and presentations throughout the year—is completely transformed and engulfed by a massive site-specific wall painting: a net of words, books, and ideas. A long table with mismatched stools invites the viewer to engage in interactions and introspection.

In the main gallery space, Williams presents a reflective shrine to her collaborators, a new interactive text-based work, as well as exhibits all eight of the artists’ books published by Hverdag Books throughout 2023. The newest book of lot bears the title (be)longing, so far. It is a publication that is neither complete nor fully translated. It is lightly edited; there may be errors. It is not a catalog; the year is not over! It is an offering, a vessel, a reference.

Jessica Williams (b. 1986, Anchorage) is an artist and publisher whose practice is social, sprawling and hinges upon seeing and starting conversations about urgent themes that are close to us all, yet difficult to talk about: including belonging, privilege, the climate crisis, and the dark side of our digital everyday. Making space for others and fostering community is essential.

Since 2016, she has published experimental artists’ books under the moniker Hverdag Books. Between November 2022 and December 2023, a total of 401 days, she has exhibited the conceptual exhibition / exhibition concept (be)longing at House of Foundation in Moss.

The publications and works in this exhibition were made thanks to the financial support of Viken Fylkeskommune and Arts and Culture Norway: Project Support and the Pilot for the distribution and display of artists' books.