April 24, 2016

Et bedre liv

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I meant to write this post last week, but suddenly the days have slipped away and here I am on Sunday night. Not to make excuses, but one week ago my cat freaked out and bit me for the first time. He got stuck in his leash and was scared witless. I ended up having to go to the emergency room the morning after because the bitten finger was so swollen it could not move. Ugh. Still on heavy antibiotics but at least my finger has regained most of its original range of motion.

One nice thing about this incident was the emergency room experience itself, so much calmer and more affordable than a visit in the USA. I’ve been twice before in NYC, once for (gently) getting hit by a car while on a bicycle and another time for “rappelling” through a skylight and burning off all the skin on my left hand. Ow. And now, I have been twice here in Oslo. Funny thing: this time I only spoke Norwegian which was both a blessing and a curse. Blessing, I suppose, because it was easier. Curse as in fully understanding the mumbling of my two young student nurses about how not to get bubbles in my tetanus shot.. right before sticking it into my arm.


But! The point of this post is not to reveal how clumsy I am, but to give an update on what I’ve been doing the last months. Mostly I have been working on my memoir, drafting chapter summaries and figuring out the overall flow and format. It’s now at 24 (short) chapters and has a working title: Et bedre liv = “A better life”.

Since winning the mini-grant to pursue my Oslofjord project, I’ve been visiting the fjord at least twice a week. The photos above are one day’s haul of styrofoam “rocks” and a pastoral view of the island they came from.

In addition to writing in Norwegian, I’ve been working, reading and watching Norwegian TV. I also do believe I’ve had a breakthrough (possibly antibiotic-induced) about who I am and how / why I make art. More on that later. For now, some still lives:



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April 11, 2016

oslo soup + Oslofjord = sant

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Yesterday I gave my first public presentation of Oslofjord, a work in progress and the first scheduled release for Hverdag (my new publishing imprint) later this fall. I had four minutes in front of roughly seventy people, competing for oslo soup’s inaugural micro-grant against three other projects.


Despite all of the projects having merit and one of them a literal cat café, I won the popular vote and a mason jar full of cash that is now safe in my bank:


It’s an understatement to say I feel humbled and grateful that so many people (almost all strangers) believed in the project and wanted to help fund it. The support hits especially hard after the uninterrupted string of rejections I’ve been receiving steadily since last fall.

Anyway, I always say this but I am going to start posting more here. Later this week: what I’ve literally been up to, my personal relationship with plastic.

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January 13, 2016

Wild ambitions

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Since the end of 2014, I’ve (both intentionally and unintentionally) delved more and more into the Norwegian culture and way of life. This isn’t news to my cloest friends, but I have made the decision to live here permantely.

As such, I’ve decided to challenge myself to write a novel på norsk based on my family and growing up in the USA as a third generation immigrant. Major themes: language, soft racism and the search for a better life. Also some humor and early Internet bits, of course!

Jeg mener at innholdet skal være helt sant, men Rolf (partnernen min) ville at jeg skrive med frihet og fantasere litt. We’ll see! I’m getting quite good at writing and hopefully putting my own stories into words will lead to fluency. Fingers crossed.


January 1, 2016


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Happy New Year!

Welcome to the new website. The concept behind the redesign is that each artwork (old and new) would be presented in a way that uniquely optimizes the viewing experience. In simpler terms: goodbye, portfolio.

One of the reasons I am so drawn to books and webpages is their inherent intimacy, the one-on-one. Hopefully this page can provide just that. A tip (or two): the icons in all four corners are always active and there are secret pages.

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December 2, 2015

New website, soon

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Just want to write I’m working on a new website now. Moving away from a portfolio and getting back into this (web)space being my studio. I’ll also hopefully be posting here more regularly as well, especially after the demise of Sensitive.

What does this all mean? If I can figure out this advanced CSS, you’ll find out soon enough.


October 22, 2015

R.I.P. Sensitive

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Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.28.52 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.06.22 PM


In an instant it all was gone. At least I have the fanzine from 2009 and a folder of images backed up from 2011. Tumblr is owned by Yahoo now anyway. Can’t even be bothered to use the !

Immediately created a new account so no one could steal the name, but R.I.P. Sensitive, 2008 – 2105. You were the best image blog this girl ever had.

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October 2, 2015

Print it with Riso!

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In just one month I’ll be in Bergen teaming up with Ann-Kristin Stølan and London’s Hato Press to give a workshop.

Spanning almost five weeks and over three distinct parts, the workshop will give an introduction and the means needed to make a Risograph printed publication featuring one’s own work. Participants at the workshop will also have a booth at the Bergen Art Book Fair (November 19-22) where they can showcase and sell their books.

The first part of the workshop will take place on Friday, October 23. More info and lots of beautiful photos – I’m inspired to make a new zine just looking at them – are here.

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October 1, 2015


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I’m stoked to be included in ART BOOKS: a new independent documentary about self-expression and self-publishing by Claire Cottrell of BOOK STAND.

More information and a chance to donate to the project can be found on their Kickstarter. A lot of interesting people are involved and it’s an honor to be among the interviewees.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 10.35.40 AM

Bonus: I’m currently working on a new publishing imprint concept. More on that soon!

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