April 28, 2017

Next Friday in Philadelphia

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High Tide presents only to find featuring recent works by Annie Bielski and Jessica Williams, curated by Kathy Cho. only to find will be on view from Saturday, May 6th to Saturday, June 10th, 2017.

only to find centers the anxieties and performative longing through digital means that connects the practices of Annie Bielski and Jessica Williams. Video-chatting with a partner who now lives abroad, applying for citizenship in a country where you’re still finding new roots in, moving to a completely new place where you only know one person, waiting to meet that friend who keeps not showing up; these are the moments where you reach out and hope that someone reaches back. In what ways do we choose to keep in touch while things are rapidly changing? How accessible do we choose to be, in a time where our devices give away what time we looked at that message?

Annie Bielski’s videos bring a frantic yet humorous energy to the performance of longing and ideas of self-care. Her video series Saab Stories shot in the style of a video blog, captures the fictional non-encounters of her character waiting to meet up for a friend/interviewee who never shows up.

Jessica Williams’ photographs are archives of moments that seem to exist somewhere between found and staged. Each moment contributes to it’s own narrative, surrounded by a quiet simmering anxiety, which seen together adds up to an overall feeling: hard to describe yet so familiar.

As a supplement to the physical exhibition only to find at High Tide, the artists have collaborated on a website which weaves their personal narratives and studio practices together before the artists meet in real life.

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