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December 9, 2018

Intimate Narratives, Fragment, Group Hug #2

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So many things have been going on lately, I haven’t been able to blog about them in time. At least not here, anyway. On Instagram, I’m much better: @slowarrow.

But first, something I haven’t posted (yet): finally done with and have put online images from my 4-part publication series Intimate Narratives. All of the publications can be bought (on their own or together for a special price) at Hverdag Books.

The covers, newest in front. A spread from A park in Nanjing:

Last week was really busy.

On Wednesday, for those of you who came – thanks!, I read a short poem at the launch for Blokk Forlag‘s newest anthology Fragment, of which I am a small part. It’s available online and at Tronsmo in Oslo.

And over the weekend I had two small Christmasy sculptural works for Low Standards‘ Group Hug #2. Two pieces of marine debris ready to hang:

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October 30, 2018

Bibliotek Nordica

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Looking forward to seeing what comes of the Bibliotek Nordica project organized by Codex Polaris. I’m one of 80 (!) artists working with artist books from all over Scandinavia who are participating with small editions of A6-size books. Mine is actually in the lower right hand corner (thanks alphabetical order).

The boxed set of all 80 books will be assembled in an edition of 10 and launched for the first time in February 2019 at the Codex book fair in San Francisco. Thanks to Imi Maufe for the invitation!

More info on the project and updates here and here.

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September 2, 2018

Northing x Bananafish : Minizine in Norway

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Happy to be included in this collection of 100 Riso-printed mini-zines, a collaboration between Northing (who I traveled to China with last year) and Shanghai’s Bananafish Books. My contribution (n o r w a y) is a collection of tiny photographs from the last 7 years printed in blue.

Look out for these little boxes at the Bergen Art Book Fair, November 1-4. I’ll also be there, though at the Norsk Risoforening table.

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November 9, 2017

Next Tuesday in Oslo

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The Oslo book launch for “Å finne stemmen” will take place next Tuesday, November 14 at Bar Lardo. If you’re not in Oslo, take a sneak peek here.

I’ll be there with some books and non-alcoholic sparkling lemonade. Books are 400kr – 300kr if you ever went to norskkurs – and the lemonade is free. Lardo also has a great selection of natural wine and local salted meat (most likely salted by yours truly at my non-art job). Møllergata 38. 5-9 pm.

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November 7, 2017

Pamflett Exhibition

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Photos of my exhibition “Å finne stemmen” at Pamflett that closed last Sunday in Bergen.

When I arrived at the beginning of the residency, the wall was full of nails and clips. Instead of taking them down, I took them in stride and used them as part of the exhibition. Constantly moving things around until my last day in the space, printed layer over layer over layer. What remained was the making of my book.

On the making of this publication

Trial, error
Bittersweet honesty
The limits of a space, the limits of a Risograph
Working with what one has instead of fighting against it
Leaving things to chance
Unexpectedly good outcomes

This paper has been through the machine five times
A misprint, text, text, logos, this poem

Make the form fit the content
Let the metaphors run free

Sensitive, prickly machines must be handled with care

The artist as a designer is perhaps too imaginative
The artist as a printer bemoans her imaginative choices
The artist as a writer is, well, me

There are many ways to tell a story
And it takes many voices

Upside down
Either, or

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October 22, 2017

Fanfare #10

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Psyched to be part of the newest issue of FANFARE along with some really cool folks, including old Internet friends from a decade ago (i.e. Flickr). The theme of course: Technology.

It’s all in Norwegian, but if you read that you’ll learn a bit about how and why I printed my first fanzine on a photocopier at NASA. Also my old websites and (kinda) how they eventually led to me becoming a nomadic Riso-enthuasiast based in Norway.

Copies can be found at: Narvesen, Tronsmo, Bislet Bok, Cappelens Forslag, Eldorado bokhandel and Tanum Litteraturhuset.

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October 16, 2017

Residency update

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My book is coming along. Finished all the cutting today in the most beautiful studio.. where my phone also met his death on concrete. Sigh. On the brighter side, not too much rain today.

Photos from Pamflett, tomorrow is collating. Not the easiest task as this book has two different types of inserts. Crying inside thinking of the labor, but it is going to look great! The gallery wall is also shifting and changing.

Come by and have a coffee with me if you’re in town. I’ll be there pretty much from 9.00 – 21.00 . Thanks also to all those who came on Saturday for the intimate artist talk.

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October 11, 2017

Greetings from Pamflett!

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Greetings from Pamflett Self-Publishing Workshop in Bergen!

I’m here on an artist residency for the next two weeks, leaving the last day of the 2017 Bergen Art Book Fair. At the fair I’ll be launching a brand new Riso-printed book called Å Finne Stemmen (Finding One’s Voice). The completion of the book will also culminate in a solo exihibition in the Pamflett space.

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November 23, 2016

BABF 2016

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Photos from the 2016 Bergen Art Book Fair. Half by me and half taken by the lovely people that put on BABF. More here!

Up top is me posing with the Issue Press‘ fantastic George Weitor. Halfway through the fair we spread out over two half tables and I found (uh-oh) some rock-like styrofoam bits to use as price stands. Down at the very bottom is me speaking about my 15-year long self-publishing practice.

Thank you to everyone who bought / traded / looked at my books! Thanks also for saying hi, sharing good conversations, leading me to the coffee, not fidgeting on phones while I spoke, etc. Last but not least, thank you to Oslo Kommune Kulturetaten for supporting the trip. I actually found out right after coming home, which also means that some exciting things are now on the horizon for Hverdag..

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