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June 24, 2014

Fantasy Art Now

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I have a contribution in a new book entitled Fantasy Art Now complied by Jay Issac and Sebastian Frye of Toronto’s Swimmers Group.


It has a nice concept:

Ideas and inspiration are a constant creative companion, but what about the ones that never make it? We have collected and compiled a series of 31 unrealized and unrealizable ideas from artists, writers, and friends into a little book that operates as both a source for further inspiration and an end in itself. The ideas collected are now contributions to the public domain; set free. 

For more info or to buy a copy, go here.


August 28, 2013

sympathetic objects

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It’s taken me awhile to post, but my project sympathetic objects was published as a book by Mediabus this summer in Seoul! A big thanks to everyone (you know who you are) who has helped me along the way.




sympathetic objects
Jessica Williams

18 x 24 cm, 84 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-89-94027-34-0
First edition of 1000

Layout and image: Jessica Williams
Typeset in Gill Sans Book
Thank you: Helen Ku, Espen Friberg, and Hyoun Youl Joe

More info on the book and a link to buy it online is here.

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May 27, 2013

This Sunday in Brooklyn

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Sadly I won’t be there in person, but if you’re in Brooklyn go check out the Miniature Garden table at Bushwick Art Book & Zine Fair. Denise will be there with all her beautiful books, including a brand new edition of plantlife featuring photos I’ve taken here in Oslo. For the release, traditional aquavit (akvavit) will be served. Watch out, it’s strong stuff.


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February 18, 2013

sympathetic objects

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Two spreads from a new photography book coming out soon with Mediabus. I’ve been working on this one awhile and am really excited to see it in print!

Like my last publication with them in 2009, I’ve worked with both old and new images—but this time with a very specific focus: sympathetic objects (also the title).

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February 5, 2013

turning objects into images

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Lately I’ve been very busy with my post at the Art Academy. Next week I’ll be helping a class of students fabricate a moderately complicated publication (in an edition of 200) almost entirely in-house at the art school.

I’m also participating in the publication, entitled Parallel Academy, which (in short) is a collection of notes, sketches, and other materials (in my case, “study objects”) from students and teachers that compose what is not usually shown to the public . Later this spring we will have a book release at UKS, so more on this later..


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July 30, 2012


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A new zine of my ink drawings, out now on Nieves. Get it / see more here!

Tomorrow I’m moving apartments and once I settle in there I’ll start settling back in online. Lots of work to do on this website, soon.


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December 21, 2011

Goodbye, Zine Subcription

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As it is now almost the end of December, I’m happy to say my 2011 Zine Subscription is finally complete!

Inspired by exam and exercise books, Full Circle is an (almost) blank booklet composed of recycled posters and documents found around the Oslo National Academy of Arts. Due to the nature of the recycled source materials, each booklet is slightly different. Texts are in Norwegian and English.

For more info or to buy one for $4, click here

To see all of 12 zines I have made this year, click here


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