Jessica Williams (b. 1986) is a conceptual artist, curator, publisher, and educator whose vast practice hinges on the act of seeing. She is based in Norway.

Currently, Williams is a curator at Nitja Centre for Contemporary Art in Lillestrøm. She is also the founder of NSEW Press (2011-2014), Hverdag Books (est. 2016), and a co-founder of the Norwegian Risograph Association (est. 2018).

Her works, often collective and collaborative, encourage the audience to reconsider that what they do not or cannot see in their everyday lives. She has worked with everything from self-publishing and experimental artist books to photography and virtual reality, and is especially interested in intimate and haptic experiences.

Lately, Williams has worked with an experimental exhibition that spans over an entire calendar year at House of Foundation in Moss that is concerned with publishing, community, and identity. She has previously worked with strange bits of ocean plastic foraged in the inner Oslofjord that look like bits of real rock, and investigated the connection between mycelium and data centers: both of which are gigantic, invisible and affect us more than we know.

Hverdag Books
Norsk Risoforening