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14:28 23/2 1991
Espen Friberg
59° 57'N / 11° 1' E

September 2011
Edition of 5 + 1 AP
Sold Out

NSEW is proud to present our first special edition artist object by Norwegian artist Espen Friberg.

This specially editioned sound sculpture was built with legos from the artist's own collection from the early 1990's. Housed inside is an approximately 16 minute sample-based loop made in collaboration with Metronomicon Audio's Center of the Universe. The mood evoked by the piece encapsulates the feeling the artist experienced when listening to music in his house while playing with the very same legos as a child.

In the most basic sense this sculpture is an attempt to trap a piece of time within a box, otherwise known as a time machine. This box also includes a USB charger.