North, South, East, West
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Do You Know / This Is Real
Daniel Wong
49° 43' N / 112° 49' W

May 2011
First edition of 50
Out of Print

28 pages, b+w laser print
Blue paper, white paper + unique map
5.25 x 8" staple bound

Do You Know / This is Real is a zine that walks the line between fact and fiction. As a viewer you are invited on a journey where getting lost is just part of the process. Elegantly designed and assembled, with each middle spread a unique map that the artist has written on with silver pen.

Daniel is an artist living and working in Lethbridge, Canada. His personal notes and projects can be found under the name colooooooooours. He also sings in the art pop group The Cedar Tavern Singers AKA Les Phonoréalistes.