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Girls / Boys
Will Simpson + Travess Smalley
40° 42' N / 73° 54' W
40° 42' N / 73° 56' W

May 2011
First edition of 100
Out of Print

32 pages, b+w laser print
Unique cover with pink staples + pink tabloid poster
7 x 7" staple bound

The first of NSEW's Split zine series. Girls and Boys. Two in one. Will takes the girls and Travess takes the boys for some humorous and tender figurative meditations in two mini zines that meet in the middle.

Comes with a double-sided pink tabloid poster and protective sleeve.

Will Simpon and Travess Smalley are artists living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Both are recent graduates of the Cooper Union. Among other things, they post together on the surfing blog Loshadka and create colorful and playful abstract drawings for Drawing Depot, their blog on Picture Box.