North, South, East, West
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Vanessa Samp
43° 4' N / 94° 13' W

September 2012
First edition of 100
Out of Print

Set of 6 postcards
1-color Risograph on uncoated stock
105 x 140 mm

Landscapes is a collection of watercolors inspired by and partially produced during a 13 day road trip with her family from Iowa to California via the Grand Canyon. A sense of wildness, exploration, and adventure runs through her series of images. Being alone, together.

Originally from Los Angeles, Vanessa Samp is an artist currently living and working in Algona, Iowa. Making objects that serve everyday purposes and making items by hand out of necessity are of great interest to her. Likewise, she works primarily within the mediums of weaving, ceramics, and watercolor. She is also an avid image collector and maintains two great blogs: Ancient Pocket and Old Lawrence.