North, South, East, West
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Miniature Garden + N S E W

Roxana Azar
Joshua Bareham
William Bhats
Sam Blackwood
Alan Calpe
Robin Cameron
Maryanne Casasanta
Ashby Lee Collinson
Rachel Day
Brian Ferry
Caitlin Foster
Nicholas Gottlund
Eva Maria Grossmann
Pia Howell
Juste Jonutyte
Christy-Claire Katien
Jamie Kim
Jonas Lozoraitis
Jennilee Marigomen
Topher Mileski
Rick Myers
Alex Nelson
Timothy O'Donnell
Paul Paper
Jean-Baptiste Pepitas
Facundo Pires
Omar Shaukat
Cecilie Storkson
Kevin Tadge
Laurence Vecten
Jenny Tondera
Emmett Walsh
Allison Watkins
Daniel Wong

September 2012
First edition of 80
Out of Print

Set of 6 posters, unbound
1-color Risograph + color laser print
A3 (A5 when folded)

LIGHT is a collaborative publication between Miniature Garden (NYC) and N S E W (Oslo). Through an open call over a period of a month, photographs of light were collected from all over the world. We chose our favorites and put them all into the endlessly reconfigurable publication you see here.

The black and white posters were designed by Jessica Williams and Risograph printed in Oslo.
The color posters were both made and printed by Denise Schatz in NYC.