North, South, East, West
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Luisa Pelipetz + Tara Sinn
33° 56' N / 118° 11' W
40° 42' N / 74° 0' W

March 2012
First edition of 50
Out of Print

36 pages, inner b+w laser print
Risograph cover + poster
7 x 7" perfect bound

The second zine in NSEW's Split series. Two in one. Inspired by a shared love of film, film stills and all things spooky, beautiful, and mysterious; O.O.H. stands for obliterate, obscure, hide. At the center of the booklet there are two pairs of eyes staring at each other, marking meeting point between Luisa's lush photographs and Tara's creepy graphic interventions.

Each zine comes with a double-sided risograph poster and protective sleeve.

Luisa Pelipetz and Tara Sinn live and work in Los Angeles, CA and New York City, respectively.