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Back and Forth
Jessica Williams
59° 55' N / 10° 45' E

November 2011
First edition of 30
Out of Print

34 pages b+w laser print on white, salmon, and neon paper
full color cover + unique A4 drawing of text
148 x 210mm perfect bound

The second to last of this year's Subscription is Back and Forth. White pages of a narrative text are sandwiched by salmon sheets filled with abstract ink collages. A straight line weaves back and forth between text and image starting with the first page: "I'm having one of those days where nothing seems to be going right". Also included with each zine is a unique A4 drawing of a small text. No two texts are the same but all are notes on life, art, memory, and time.

Jessica is an artist living and working in Oslo, Norway.
She is currently pursing her MFA at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.