North, South, East, West
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Jaakko Pallasvuo
60° 10' N / 24° 56' E

October 2012
First edition of 100
Out of Print

Set of 6 postcards
4-color Risograph on uncoated stock
105 x 140 mm

Yet I knew that these were nice girls. I sensed that if their mundane words covered cruelty and aggression, the cruelty and aggression covered other qualities. Vulnerability, tenderness, curiosity, kindness - I sensed these qualities in the child harridans around me , yet I could not experience them. Even more bewildering, it seemed that they did not experience them either. Perhaps this was because these softer feelings were so immature, so frail, and, if allowed their full measure of expression, so potentially unbearable that the girls instinctively protected their gentleness with impenetrable harshness, unconsciously fearing it would otherwise not survive. If this were true then the rigid and complex social structure they adhered to, with its confusing rules of dress and conduct, must be a code for the deeper reserves that lay beneath, and thus, if this code were cracked, it would allow access to that friendliness and compassion I saw them sporadically express. So I listened desperately and tried to understand the code. But I could not do it, and on the rare occasion that someone spoke to me, I was struck dumb by trying too hard to discover the correct response. — Mary Gaitskill

Jaakko Pallasvuo is an artist working in Berlin and Helsinki. He is interested in social hierarchies, which he explores through a video and web-based practice. Pallasvuo rarely exhibits his detailed drawings, but has made use of them for this series of postcards.