North, South, East, West
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Artist Postcards
Winter 2012

Bendik Kaltenborn
Calle Segelberg
Finn Öhlund
Kim Hiorthøy
Kristoffer Kjølberg
Marianne Hallseth
Stina Löfgren
Stine Belden Röed

Thomas Nordby

December 2012
First edition of 300

Set of 18 postcards
1, 2 and 3-color risograph on uncoated stock
105 x 140 mm

Sany Sany Stina Löfgren Stina Löfgren
Kim Hiorthøy Kim Hiorthøy Marianne Hallseth Marianne Hallseth
Kristoffer Kjølberg Kristoffer Kjølberg Stine Belden Röed Stine Belden Röed
Thomas Nordby Thomas Nordby Bendik Kaltenborn Finn Öhlund
Calle Segelberg Calle Segelberg

When purchased as a set, the postcards come inside an envelope. Postcard backs designed by Mylinh Trieu Nguyen.
Set curated by Espen Friberg.

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