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2011 Zine Subscription
Jessica Williams
40° 42' N / 73° 54' W

12 zines — 1 per month — 365 copies
Sold Out

Flowers Objects & Patterns Scraps, Debris, Etc Bodega Cats
7 Years in NYC Collages Things Changing
Things Staying The Same
Assembly Line
Lost and Found People's Republic Back and Forth Full Circle

In 2011 the artist made one fanzine each month with the intention of using as many different mediums as possible.

For each edition, the number of copies that were made had a direct correlation to the number of days in the month. This meant at the end of the year there were 12 different fanzines with 365 individual copies. In Janaury a limited edition of 10 subscriptions were sold to fund the entire project. In addition to the zines, each subscription came with a unique editioned collage postcard.

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Jessica Williams is an artist living and working between Brooklyn, NY and Oslo, Norway.